Communication - the key to successfull leadership

As soon as people meet, communication takes place. We communicate, we exchange ideas, and we create relationships – with and without words. “You can’t not communicate.” Paul Watzlawick

And because communication always takes place, we focus attention on understanding the laws governing it. We believe that knowing and understand the basic principles of human communication and cooperation behaviour are the key to successful cooperation and leadership.

In a goal-oriented, value-based and team-building approach, we approach the sometimes individual answers to the following questions:

  • How do we convey messages?
  • How do we create closeness and distance?
  • What signals can we make?
  • What signals do our body and voice transmit?
  • Are we really as objective as we often think?
  • How does a sense of SELF or of UNITY arise?
  • What linguistic means do we use to take responsibility or to evade responsibility?
  • What does language have to do with needs and feelings?
  • How and why do conflicts arise – and what contributes to their solution?
  • What roles do we consciously or unconsciously play – and which of these have an impact?
  • How and where do power and powerlessness arise?
  • Does the community restrict freedom, or does it promote freedom?
  • How does collaboration work, why and when is it necessary?

And what can you contribute as a manager, with the help of communication and cooperation, to create sustainable work quality in your company and to implement company goals in a productive and value-enhancing manner?

We deal with and answer these and other questions in coaching sessions, training courses, workshops and team exercises, together with you and your teams!