Thinking outside the box

Our goal is to create or optimise the framework for thinking outside the box. The result: the optimal use of creative potential to create a sustainably effective cross-company culture of innovation.

With this approach, we address decision-makers and managers – those who are directly responsible for the use of creative potential. We are only tangentially concerned with finding good new ideas through facilitation. Far more vital to our clients’ success is changing their employees’ attitudes so they embrace a culture of creativity and innovation. To this end, it is necessary to become aware of one’s own everyday lines of thought and to abandon them again and again, in order to create new lines of thought and to pursue them in a goal-oriented way.

The two cornerstones:

1. Acquisition of expertise
In their training sessions, your executives acquire company-relevant expertise in the field of brain-, creativity and innovation research: They learn about the differences between human thought and action and the underlying patterns of these. They try out the effects and benefits of targeted changes of perspective. They learn about their resources and how to use their sensory perception. They activate their creative potential and discover ways of also developing that of their employees. They know how they can create change and how to create space for thinking outside the box.

2. Developing a framework for innovation
In moderated workshops, you agree on framework conditions that create scope for thinking outside the box: you target habits and break them, soften rigid structures and restrictive routines, and allow departments and areas to cooperate and work together in networks. By freeing up individual, sometimes very different potentials, you lay the foundations for a lasting culture of innovation.


Target group: People in management functions
Our target group comprises key persons or decision-makers – that is to say, people in management positions