Vision and mission process


  • Where do we see ourselves in 10-15 years in terms of business - and personally?
  • What is our central idea?
  • What is our social commitment/mission?

Idea and implementation

The above-mentioned questioning leads through a multi-day workshop process, during which ideas are discussed, discarded and decided upon. Not without taking the chances and risks of a possible vision under the microscope: Where do we come from? What is the economic, social and political context in which our company operates? Has our new corporate guiding principle been established within this context?

Commitment is based on the value-based anchoring: what values ​​"carry" our vision? What thinking and action does it bring to life? High time to get the employees on board - to use their vision, competence and energy integrally. Area-specific, then person-related principles of action arise. Only then is the vision grounded and has a chance of sustainable success.

  • workshop with the management level as an initial spark for a long-term vision process
  • developing a vision or an entrepreneurial vision
  • adjusting the guiding principle by discussing and formulating company-specific values
  • communication and implementation of the vision at the employee level
  • preparation of area-specific action principles by the workforce