How to restore inner balance!

Longing for perspective and meaning, being rushed, stress, overload, exhaustion and burnout are no longer abstract phenomena in our rapidly accelerated times – they also increasingly define our personal experience. In training sessions, workshops and coaching sessions, we develop individual solutions to permanently “cure” personal states, but also the stress, pressure and exhaustion of entire teams. Even though the terms may vary widely, it is striking that their effects are almost always similar, often even identical: lack of motivation and powerlessness, low performance and inaction.

However, the focus is on the reasons: personal disorientation, feelings of impotence, lack of perspectives, often a dramatically perceived lack of attention and appreciation by superiors up to top management. Everything suggests that although individuality is demanded on all sides, this idea is by no means carried through and promoted. We help you to pick up the thread of your own inner life again and to remain your own director – or to become it.

Elke Schlimbach, certified stress and burnout coach
Norbert Christokat, certified stress and burnout consultant