Team Exercises

Motivation, incentives and appreciation

The special feature of our incentives is the targeted linking of subject-specific topics on knowledge transfer with motivation, incentive and recognition. Seminar components, but also other topics relevant to the company, alternate physical and intellectual creative activity. With tailor-made, out-of-the-ordinary programmes we strengthen team spirit and inspire.

We develop our incentives around a client-relevant topic - and give the topic a motto. The motto runs through the event from start to finish. All the details are designed to deliver a clear message to the mind and heart of the visitors. During the event - and for a long time afterwards.

We prefer to implement our incentive programmes in the region around Lake Constance. From lake to mountain, from rustic to luxurious, from sporting to cultural, from summer to winter - we plan, organise and provide proper support for your desired incentive.

Reaching the goal in up to four hours - team exercises

rope squarexxxxxxxxxxx
bridge buildingxxxxxxxxxxxx
spider's webxxxxxxxxxxx
blind walk/
blind fall
Team aroundxxxxxxxxx
Team balancexxxxxxxxxx
magic wandxxxxxxx
running Axxxxxxxxxxxxx
tower buildingxxxxxxxxxxx
team barxxxxxxxxxx
team cookingxxxxxxxxxxxx
tube Ballxxxxxxxxxxx

Team practice offers the opportunity to challenge teams and groups through playful activities over two to four hours, to develop unimagined solutions. After each exercise a reflection and feedback phase takes place, in order to transfer concrete learning into the workplace.

Depending on the requirements and framework conditions (team size, time, location, budget), we advise our clients on the selection or compilation of the appropriate exercises.